They call me the Busy Bee

“I’m not like a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom.” -Mean Girls

Uptown Mom was created for the “Stay at Home” Mom who doesn’t to want to stay at home


My name is Noelle, I may have been born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but I am no southern belle.  I am a wife extraordinaire and the mother of a 1 year old. 


We live in a highly energetic, socially charged  neighborhood of Uptown, Dallas where I love it! I am naturally very social and make sure I am always busy. 


I came from working in the fast paced, corporate  fashion industry and  never planned to be a “Stay at Home” Mom. I coincidentally lost my job the same week I found out I was pregnant.


It seemed like the worst case scenario…at the time. So now what? Am I supposed to just hang out with a baby all day?!!! Not really my scene.


It has been a full year now and as it turns out, I am having so much fun! I am finding all kinds things to keep us engaged and active, raising quite the busy bee


I love exploring the city and trying new things! I am frequently asked about the fun activities I find which lead me to produce the Uptown Mom Page.


I hope to use this platform to share ideas and encourage all Moms to get out there and discover all this city has to offer!


See you out there,






We love waterparks! We have been on a mission this summer to visit as many spray grounds, splash pads, and water parks we can squeeze in. We recently visited the brand spanking new Farmer’s Branch Aquatic Center and had a great time!

The beach entrance kiddie pool and splash towers were great and Dex spent most of his time with the interactive water features, but we had to be cautious of the intense fountains which are better suited for toddlers ages 3+.  

This park also had a lazy river, a lap pool, and two “big kid” extra tall water slides! We enjoyed The Farmers Branch Aquatic Center and look forward to future visits. 


  • PLENTY OF LIFE GAURDS: When little ones are running around with water involved, you can never have enough eyes on them. This park  had at least two life gaurds assigned to every section and were extremely alert in making sure there was “NO RUNNING”.  We felt very safe.                                                    
  • TODDLER MONDAYS: This park which normally opens at noon, offers a special play time for toddlers every Monday. Toddler Monday also includes and story time put on by the local public library.                                                        
  • NOT OVERCROWDED: The crowds were kept to a minimal at the FBAC which can be refreshing when watching your littles. This may have been due in part to the cost of entry which in my opinion was a bit pricey at $8 per person for Non-Farmers Branch residents. (residents are $5).                                     
  • PROVIDED SAFETY: This park is supplied with life jackets, puddle jumpers and sunscreen, incase you forget yours!                                              
  • CLICK HERE FOR MORE BUZZ.                                                   
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You brought your baby to the Movies?!!!

That’s crazy right? Not at the Alamo Draft House in Dallas. This quirky movie theater  famously known for hosting sing-alongs, quote-alongs, and themed movie nights for  favorite classic films is the perfect place for your baby’s first cinematic experience.

Every Tuesday any movie before 2pm is part of the Baby Day program. Moms are encouraged to bring their babies while the theaters accommodate little eyes and ears with slightly brighter lights and lower volumes. Alamo Draft House also has a kitchen, full bar, extra comfy reclining seats, and a rooftop patio with a calming view!

I took Dexter who just turned 1 last week to see Finding Dori, I was hesitant being that he is a very active baby who almost never sits still, and is fussy at times as most baies are.  I went with my mommy friend who also has a young 1 year old, we both brought our strollers and were able to park them in the handicap seating since there were several available.

We went to in the 10:00 showing so it was only $6 where as movies after noon are $8, so that was win #1! There were about 15 babies in the movie, geez! That’s a lot of  babies! To my surprise all the babies did great, I was so impressed with how well most of them actually watched the movie or slept.

Of course there were whines and few small cries here and there it was totally fine, we all had babies and there was no shame in our crying game! I brought a blanket which was useful when Dex got tired, I wrapped him up knocked the seat back and went to baby sleep town!

This was a huge success and I highly encourage all mommy’s to give it try especially on rainy, extra hot, or freezing days.