You brought your baby to the Movies?!!!

That’s crazy right? Not at the Alamo Draft House in Dallas. This quirky movie theater  famously known for hosting sing-alongs, quote-alongs, and themed movie nights for  favorite classic films is the perfect place for your baby’s first cinematic experience.

Every Tuesday any movie before 2pm is part of the Baby Day program. Moms are encouraged to bring their babies while the theaters accommodate little eyes and ears with slightly brighter lights and lower volumes. Alamo Draft House also has a kitchen, full bar, extra comfy reclining seats, and a rooftop patio with a calming view!

I took Dexter who just turned 1 last week to see Finding Dori, I was hesitant being that he is a very active baby who almost never sits still, and is fussy at times as most baies are.  I went with my mommy friend who also has a young 1 year old, we both brought our strollers and were able to park them in the handicap seating since there were several available.

We went to in the 10:00 showing so it was only $6 where as movies after noon are $8, so that was win #1! There were about 15 babies in the movie, geez! That’s a lot of  babies! To my surprise all the babies did great, I was so impressed with how well most of them actually watched the movie or slept.

Of course there were whines and few small cries here and there it was totally fine, we all had babies and there was no shame in our crying game! I brought a blanket which was useful when Dex got tired, I wrapped him up knocked the seat back and went to baby sleep town!

This was a huge success and I highly encourage all mommy’s to give it try especially on rainy, extra hot, or freezing days.




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