Story Time at Whole Foods Park Ln


8190 Park Lane . Dallas, TX 75231 . 214.342.4850 

We are now on the home stretch of summer and you have probably exhausted your activities list at this point. It’s hot, you’re bored and you’ve spent a ton of money by now trying to keep your kids entertained. If you are looking for something FREE and different, you should check out story time at Whole Foods Park Lane.

We went last week and were pleasantly surprised to find several families enjoying a story, followed by craft making time while digging in to an impressive snack spread as I sat back and sipped my coffee!


  • Good Crowd- There were many children, however not over crowded, but I believe in the motto “the more the merrier”. There is more opportunity to make friends for your children and connect with other parents in your community.
  •  Something for everyone- The story is always short and sweet, just long enough to keep the wandering minds and voices of children chilled out.  The craft is fun and not over complicated for the more creative ones I the group. And the baby-tots enjoyed snacking and hanging out with other littles.


  • Goodies on point!- I, a food-aholic was most impressed with the bites and drinks which were all complimentary of Whole Foods. The spread included many fruits, berries, cheese, crackers, yogurt, and juice!


  • Prizes- Everyone is entered for a chace to win a gift basket from Whole Foods! That’s awesome!


  • Many locations- The Park Lane location is near our house, however many Whole Foods have children’s programs. So check it out!




It’s a party in the G.Y.M.



My experience can be summed up in a song…

I hopped through the door at LHN with a baby and a little grin,
Welcome to the land of games excess are we gonna fit in

Jumped in the gym, here we are for the first time
Look to my right and I see the giant bounce/ climb

This is all so crazy, didn’t spend the day being lazy
My baby’s playin’ and I’m feelin’ so ecstatic

Too much fun and I’m happy
That’s when the babies all climbed through the hole

And the bounce house fun was on
And the bounce house fun was on
And the bounce house fun was on

You get more bang for your buck at The Lake Highlands North Rec Center Open Play, an ordinary gym that has been transformed into toddler heaven costing you a whopping $2. This play space is equipped with several mini bouncers, soft climbers, balls, blocks, gym toys and plenty of kids 5 and under to play with.

Dexter had a blast and enjoyed all the other baby tots who were all very well behaved for the most part. This is not only happy hour for toddlers, it’s a social mommy mixer. The “stay at homers” club is in full swing with super friendly and engaged moms who are all there for the same reason… OUR KIDS ARE DRIVING US CRAZY!!!

It is a fun and inexpensive way to get out of the house and stay out of the heat, and did I mention there is a splash pad right outside?!

  • Open Gym times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • 9940 White Rock Trl
    Dallas, TX 75238









Family Friendly Feasting


If you know me, you know I don’t cook. I have too many outfits to stay at home and eat, so we go out. Dining out certainly isn’t as easy as it was “pre-baby” but it isn’t impossible either. It takes a bit more work, a little more patience, finding the perfect spot, and remember: practice makes perfect!  A few elements I always consider before venturing into the restaurant jungle are; stroller accessibility, noise level, and do they even have high chairs? (Some places in Dallas do not, I’ve learned the hard way).

One of my absolute favorite family friendly places to eat is Trinity Groves, a relatively new restaurant complex. This unique group of eateries just on the west side of the trinity river includes a wide range of restaurants to satisfy any appetite, and are all connected sharing large patios and a level with lounge chairs and games. You can choose cuisine ranging from Spanish to Italian, barbeque to Mediterranean, home-style, desserts, and everything in-between.

Before we had a little one, one of our favorite things to do was go all over town visiting multiple restaurants for each part of the meal, apps here, dinner there, dessert somewhere else. Well that is just absurd to attempt with a baby, but not here! We get to enjoy as many restaurants as we please, one trip, back to back. It’s like a trick-or-treat feast!


  • Parking: Trinity Groves has complimentary valet and a huge lot so you are more than covered.
  • Stroller accessibility: There are several wide ramps, wide walkways and covered patio tables are spread out to easily accommodate your baby’s ride.
  • Outside games: When little ones get fussy, we like to get some fresh air. Here you can entertain them outside while staying close to the rest of the family still eating at the table. It’s all right there!
  • That view though: Trinity Groves has THE BEST view in Dallas hands down! While enjoying your dinner and games you get to view the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge over the Trinity River which backs up to a perfectly placed Dallas skyline, beautiful day or night.
  • The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge: I regularly enjoy a good walk after a big meal, it helps digest better. The famous bridge now a Dallas icon is steps away from the complex. This bridge not only has an incredible view but is also interactive, equipped with jungle gyms, activities, and is well lit for night walks.







Baby get your zen on


Being a new mom is one of the most exhausting, stressful, and emotional times in a mother’s life , I CAN NOT stress enough the importance of daily outings. It is imperative to your sanity and well being that you get yourself together, walk out of the house and see other human beings once a day…if possible.

Even something as simple as going to the mall and walking one lap around it and going home can really help give you a sense of accomplishment and normalcy. One of my absolute favorite activities to do with my new born I looked forward to every Monday was Baby Yoga.

I highly recommend all new moms go to this class, it is only $5 and is 1 hr long and leaves you feeling calm and connected with your baby. This class is  one peaceful hour of stretching and interacting with mommy and baby while in a judgement-free environment. 

The class is absent from fear that your crying baby would disturb others, and if you need to breastfeed you are welcome to do so right there on your mat… and we all did! I was able to incorporate all of the stretching and baby soothing methods at home which I put in to use on a daily basis when settling a fussy little one.

In addition to the wonderful instructor who makes you feel so comfortable with your new lifestyle and confident about your new body, I also made lasting friendships with other moms I still see on a weekly basis. I encourage you to try this class if your baby is anywhere from 2 months- 7 months.