Baby get your zen on


Being a new mom is one of the most exhausting, stressful, and emotional times in a mother’s life , I CAN NOT stress enough the importance of daily outings. It is imperative to your sanity and well being that you get yourself together, walk out of the house and see other human beings once a day…if possible.

Even something as simple as going to the mall and walking one lap around it and going home can really help give you a sense of accomplishment and normalcy. One of my absolute favorite activities to do with my new born I looked forward to every Monday was Baby Yoga.

I highly recommend all new moms go to this class, it is only $5 and is 1 hr long and leaves you feeling calm and connected with your baby. This class is  one peaceful hour of stretching and interacting with mommy and baby while in a judgement-free environment. 

The class is absent from fear that your crying baby would disturb others, and if you need to breastfeed you are welcome to do so right there on your mat… and we all did! I was able to incorporate all of the stretching and baby soothing methods at home which I put in to use on a daily basis when settling a fussy little one.

In addition to the wonderful instructor who makes you feel so comfortable with your new lifestyle and confident about your new body, I also made lasting friendships with other moms I still see on a weekly basis. I encourage you to try this class if your baby is anywhere from 2 months- 7 months.




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