Family Friendly Feasting


If you know me, you know I don’t cook. I have too many outfits to stay at home and eat, so we go out. Dining out certainly isn’t as easy as it was “pre-baby” but it isn’t impossible either. It takes a bit more work, a little more patience, finding the perfect spot, and remember: practice makes perfect!  A few elements I always consider before venturing into the restaurant jungle are; stroller accessibility, noise level, and do they even have high chairs? (Some places in Dallas do not, I’ve learned the hard way).

One of my absolute favorite family friendly places to eat is Trinity Groves, a relatively new restaurant complex. This unique group of eateries just on the west side of the trinity river includes a wide range of restaurants to satisfy any appetite, and are all connected sharing large patios and a level with lounge chairs and games. You can choose cuisine ranging from Spanish to Italian, barbeque to Mediterranean, home-style, desserts, and everything in-between.

Before we had a little one, one of our favorite things to do was go all over town visiting multiple restaurants for each part of the meal, apps here, dinner there, dessert somewhere else. Well that is just absurd to attempt with a baby, but not here! We get to enjoy as many restaurants as we please, one trip, back to back. It’s like a trick-or-treat feast!


  • Parking: Trinity Groves has complimentary valet and a huge lot so you are more than covered.
  • Stroller accessibility: There are several wide ramps, wide walkways and covered patio tables are spread out to easily accommodate your baby’s ride.
  • Outside games: When little ones get fussy, we like to get some fresh air. Here you can entertain them outside while staying close to the rest of the family still eating at the table. It’s all right there!
  • That view though: Trinity Groves has THE BEST view in Dallas hands down! While enjoying your dinner and games you get to view the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge over the Trinity River which backs up to a perfectly placed Dallas skyline, beautiful day or night.
  • The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge: I regularly enjoy a good walk after a big meal, it helps digest better. The famous bridge now a Dallas icon is steps away from the complex. This bridge not only has an incredible view but is also interactive, equipped with jungle gyms, activities, and is well lit for night walks.







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