Rio, here we come!


I have a little boy who loves to climb, jump, and move constantly so I decided to put him in gymnastics. We have been to other baby specialty gyms near us, they are all great but they are pricey, especially when you have them in multiple activities during the week. ASI gymnastics has a Tiny Tots level which starts babies at 12 months and they also have 8 locations in the Dallas area. The monthly tuition is almost half of what the other places charge.

At an even lower price, I found this GROUPON for ASI gymnastics to try out the class. We had so much fun! I also got a chance to meet other moms that have had their kids in the Tiny Tots class for a while who were all raving about it. These moms had also been to some of the other baby gyms and compared the structure of the ASI class and the rate of development to be far more beneficial than the others.

The class included two coaches who were very hands-on and encouraging. The kids started by jumping on their own individual trampolines, then got to run through the gym down a long trampoline into a foam pit. Next up, circle time & singing songs with instruments, followed by an obstacle course, rounding out the class with stickers and stamps!

The children in this class ranged from 1-2 1/2 and were all able to follow directions… except my child, but we’ll get there. I was getting discouraged that Dexter didn’t pay attention, or sit still and equally participate like the other kids who were only months older than he was. All the moms made me feel better telling me he actually did better than all of their kids on the first day.

They went on to gush that the class supports toddler’s abilities to join and participate in a group, strengthen learning skills and developmental growth…not to mention the two hour nap when we got home. That was a win all in itself!

We can’t wait to go back for our next class, and then maybe Rio… who knows?!

You can check out other classes offered HERE.




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