It’s a Jungle in Here!!!


We are always looking for indoor play spaces that are clean, safe and fun. Our favorite one so far is Safari Run in Plano, it’s about a 20 min drive from downtown Dallas. This indoor jungle gym is brand new just opening this past June. All of the equipment is extremely clean and fresh, and they strive very hard to keep it that way by enforcing a strict sock and hand washing rule. The attendants keep a very close eye on your kids and as they enter the gated play area each child is asked to sanitize for 20 seconds at the washing station. I love that!

The climbers, mats, tunnels and slides are tall, winding  and diverse so the little ones can explore their hearts out. However as most moms of tiny toddlers know, they usually need to a parent to help and escort them through the mazes. I love these jungle gyms because they are big and open enough for parents to easily join in and not feel claustrophobic.

If your toddler wants their own small space, there is a place for them in the Cub’s Den. It’s the perfect size for the transitional crawl-to-walker. The Cub’s Den is equipped with a TV monitor of the main play space if you also have older kids and need to keep an eye on them.

When it’s time for a snack, there is a wide selection of healthy options provided by Market Street and a barista bar for a mommy’s afternoon pick-me-up.

If you have little gamer in your family, they will want to check out the arcade with a wide variety of games with tickets and prizes!

Safari Run is not just for the stay at home moms, it is closed on weekends for birthday parties but is open until 8pm perfect for a family evening or place to take sister while brother has soccer practice. They even offer fitness classes for adults and camps and classes for kids.

One visit to Safari Run is $10 which is a little steep in my opinion (those things add up quick!) however, you can purchase a pass of 5 visits for $25 or 10 for $50. We bought the 10 pass and have gone 4 times already! I think that is the best value and totally worth $5 a visit! We love it!





How can I love you? I don’t even know you.


This post is a bit on the deep end for me but is a subject I feel compelled to address. Is it OK not to feel emotionally connected to your newborn baby ? I think it is normal… at least it was for me? It must seem ironic that I would feel so disconnected from someone who was literally connected to me for 9 months.

It seems like so many moms say and post things about how they fell in love with their baby the moment they were born or even through out their pregnancy. I think that is wonderful and beautiful, but what about those of us who don’t feel that way? I know I am not the only one, but I rarely hear or see anyone talk about it. Please don’t judge me, this is how I truly, genuinely felt and I hope by opening up this subject any new moms who can relate wont feel like an outsider.

After giving birth I naturally felt protective over this this little life and my body and instincts knew exactly what he needed and when he needed it. That in itself slowly helped me to feel a union but it was not immediate.

When we were in the hospital a few hours after delivery, my husband asked me “Do you love him yet?” I responded with “Do you?” to which he replied “I don’t really know him.” I agreed and had the same sentiment. It seemed really awkward that we felt this way. This was not how I imagined what having a baby would be, or what you see on TV.


That first week of having a baby was one of the weirdest times in my life. It had only been my husband and I all these years and now all of a sudden there is another one of us… and we are supposed to take them home and raise them. Sometimes I would ask myself “What have I done?” Having a baby is a big deal and honestly, it terrified me.

I don’t know this person, and quite frankly after having a baby I don’t even know myself right now. I feared that my husband would view me differently now that I was a mom, my body was different, my hormones were an 11 on a scale of 1 – 10 on the crazy meter, I was in physical pain and my whole life as I knew it had completely changed.


The truth is, for some of us, our new baby feels like a complete stranger and it takes time to get to know them and fall in love. But the good new is, it will come! Don’t feel ashamed or defective if you’re not automatically head over heels infatuated with your newborn.

Give your self time to process and adjust as it feels natural to you and before you know it you will have fallen so in love and be absolutely obsessed! Your body will go back, your hormones will mellow out and your marriage will likely grow stronger! hang in there, I promise…It really is the best!

Baby’s dip, Parents sip! A dance club for the whole family!


Yes! Just east of Deep Ellum, It’ll Do is the name of the place, the place where you take your kids to get down and get funky…or twerky… or dabby… or whatever they are doing these days! I used to frequent this club pre-baby and it was a fun place to dance all night long and go crazy, I never thought I would be back here with my toddler! If you and your kids love good music and dancing, you need to check out the Disco Kids event!

This is genius in my opinion, they turned your everyday night club into a place where you can take your kids and drink! (Parents drink, kids have juice) It gives a whole new meaning to gin & juice! Every other Friday the It’ll Do disco club opens at 5:30 pm to everyone under the age of 10. Little ones are $5, parents are FREE.

Kids dance and run around while enjoying a light up dance floor, DJ, snacks, balloons, light up accessories while moms and dads chill on the side lines with their selections from the full bar! I  saw several dads just off of work, hanging with their other dad friends, beer in hand, loving it! Not exactly their college glory days but “IT’LL DO”… get it?!

There is a food truck with yummy eats and one of my favorite touches of the event was the Photo Van! We loved playing dress up and doing our mini photo shoot! I would also recommend Disco Kids night for a fun birthday party idea!

Check out all the fun we had last week!



Dallas’ Best Kept Splash Pad!


I have been around Dallas a time or two, have many local mommy friends and am always shocked when some of them still don’t know about the Children’s Park at Klyde Warren Park. I’m not talking about the east side with games and activities or the fountains that you see from the street when driving past, I am talking about the amazing gated park just for children which is tucked away in the west side corner. If you have been to KWP (as we call it) and never noticed it, that because it is secluded beneath peaceful tall trees and bushes. Within the gates of this hidden gem you will find one of the best splash parks in Dallas, here’s why;

  1. IT’S FREE!
  2. IT’S SHADED- Most public splash pads in Dallas are the same, some water features and foam ground, most have little to no shade. This park is surrounded by trees and beautiful shade structures so your little ones will be safe from the Texas summer sun.
  3. IT’S CLEAN- This park is equipped with super soft astro turf hills and patches so you get to enjoy the greenery without itchy, messy grass ruining your fun. In addition to the soft green sitting areas, this park has attendants that regularly come by to make sure the area is neat, trash is emptied and bathrooms are tidy…. yes, it has  clean restrooms!
  4. IT’S FUN- This splash pad has interactive fountains which are constantly changing and moving keeping the kids on their toes! It also has uniquely constructed play ground equipment incorporating the creative vibes of the Dallas Museum of Art which is ross the street.
  5. IT’S SAFE- The park is usually supervised by a city staff member who watches the gate giving extra peace of mind that your little wanderer will not roam too far.

I have never had an issue finding parking at the meters on the street, but a little tip: If you valet at the restaurant Savor, you can grab a quick snack from the bar and get your valet paring for free!!!

If you have never been to this park, I suggest you check it out while its still warm enough to splash around. See you out there!

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