Baby’s dip, Parents sip! A dance club for the whole family!


Yes! Just east of Deep Ellum, It’ll Do is the name of the place, the place where you take your kids to get down and get funky…or twerky… or dabby… or whatever they are doing these days! I used to frequent this club pre-baby and it was a fun place to dance all night long and go crazy, I never thought I would be back here with my toddler! If you and your kids love good music and dancing, you need to check out the Disco Kids event!

This is genius in my opinion, they turned your everyday night club into a place where you can take your kids and drink! (Parents drink, kids have juice) It gives a whole new meaning to gin & juice! Every other Friday the It’ll Do disco club opens at 5:30 pm to everyone under the age of 10. Little ones are $5, parents are FREE.

Kids dance and run around while enjoying a light up dance floor, DJ, snacks, balloons, light up accessories while moms and dads chill on the side lines with their selections from the full bar! I  saw several dads just off of work, hanging with their other dad friends, beer in hand, loving it! Not exactly their college glory days but “IT’LL DO”… get it?!

There is a food truck with yummy eats and one of my favorite touches of the event was the Photo Van! We loved playing dress up and doing our mini photo shoot! I would also recommend Disco Kids night for a fun birthday party idea!

Check out all the fun we had last week!



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