Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park


Looking for a unique family outing? You might want to do some time traveling and check out this place! 

If you grew up in Dallas you probably remember going to Old City Park on a school field trip, if you never got to go there it is a complex made up of Dallas’ actual oldest historic buildings all placed in an 1800’s town set up. They have changed the name to Dallas Heritage Village and added some houses to the park. I would call this one of the City’s hidden treasures.

This was such a neat experience going back in time to the 1800’s- 1900’s as we got to go through the town into a general store, bank, saloon, dentist office and church. Everything in each building was an actual piece of furniture or appliance from that time period. A neat feature was the school house, it had everything an old school would have had, and everything was interactive including a live teacher in costume to answer any history questions you might have. 

The perimeter of the park was lined with the historic homes starting clockwise from oldest to newest. The oldest home was equipped with a blacksmith stable with a real live black smith creating iron artwork. Each home was beautifully preserved, fully furnished and accessorized with antique eye candy in every nook and cranny.

Being a Dallas native and loyalist I was in love with the view of Dallas’ very first buildings complimented with the backdrop of the current iconic city skyline directly behind, what a beauty! The front of the park contained the stables and henhouse, we saw horses, donkeys, and the biggest chickens I have ever seen.

We got the pleasure of witnessing an old time gun fight (just a reenactment, no actual bullets were fired), this is a mini skit that local actors put on every Saturday and noon and 1pm.  

There are exclusive toddler activities as well! Every Wednesday in June from 11:00-11:30 there will be a Barnyard Buddies story time session, this is where little ones get to hear a story, do an activity and explore the village.

Whether you are new to Dallas or have lived here your whole life I highly suggest you try something different and take the family down to explore the city’s roots, there is something for everyone!

See you out there,

Noelle and Dexter

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