9820 N Central Expy #500, Dallas, TX 75231

I have been with Emler since Dexter was 2 months old and we have been posting progress videos for the past year-and-a-half and we recently hosted our first Emler Swim event it was such a good time and one of my favorite events to date.


The Emler Swim School in Dallas off of Walnut Hill hosted us to their brand new facility, it was big, beautiful, everything was easily accessible!


One of the biggest questions / concerns I get from moms are those with two small children especially if they are different ages and and how they will manage both children.

Emler did such a fantastic job in including moms with multiple children and all age levels.


They had three different classes going simultaneously, the youngest was for small babies which was a “mommy and me” class where the moms got in the water with the babies and participated, this level had the most participants.


The next level was the 2 year old class, we had four little ones participating all on their own with a teacher and they all did fabulous following instructions, waiting their turn and having a blast!


The next level up was for the more experienced swimmers, most of these kids were around age three or four, they had such a good time with their teacher who had them overcoming fears and challenges, swimming across the pool like a bunch of little champs!

After our swim class session the opened it up to a “free swim” meaning all the kids and moms could swim just for fun! For safety and ease Emler offered life jackets so all the kids could jump in, swim, and play around in the pool as they pleased giving moms a chance to socialize and meet new Mama friends. It was so great getting to swim for fun while it was cold outside and was a needed change of activity.

After the kids had fun swimming for about 45 minutes we then did a raffle drawing, we gave out prizes from Young Chefs Academy, the Yellow Button Baby company, The Playdate Co, and Emler awarded one lucky winner a free birthday party to bring a 12 friends to come and swim anytime! And everyone received a $30 discount, and of course a FREE high quality, reusable swim diaper with code: UPTOWN MOM, which anyone can use any time to get there free swim diaper too!!!


If you are new to our Emler journey you can see some of our previous progress posts (HERE, HERE, HEREHERE )and as a reminder here are some reasons why year-round swim lessons are important:


• Reduces the risk of drowning
• Boosts development of the whole child
• Improves motor development
• Accelerates cognitive development
• Increases memory capacity
• Strengthens social confidence
• Enhances neurological development
• Depens parent-infant Bond


*Drowning is the number one reason of accidental death for children under 5


We are so thankful to Emler for hosting this event, it was so much fun and I can’t wait for the next one I hope you’ll join us.



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