First Tuesday at the DMA


Did you know the Dallas Museum of Art has free admission?! Free!!! Did you know that every first Tuesday of the month is Toddler Tuesday?! The DMA is a fascinating place to visit any given day of the week but is especially exciting on Toddler Tuesday.  Each  month features a different theme and a variety of different activities to go with that theme. You can check out this upcoming month’s activities here. 

When you enter the children’s area you will find several interactive stations which encourage creativity. There are stations for children of all ages including reading, drawing, sculpture making and problem solving.

For the tiny tots, there is a room just for them called Arturo’s Nest. This spot is perfectly equipped with toddler friendly nature themed learning toys and books. There is a studio where art classes are held and kids can make their own works of art, this is one of my favorite memories from my own childhood !

When you have had enough kiddie fun, be sure to get your cardio in and check out the rest of the museum. There is always something new to see, it’s a great place to go for a walk if the weather, is hot, rainy or cold and the DMA is nice for a change of scenery. I used to take Dex here for walks all the time when he was a new born and I just needed to get out of the house.

When the weather is nice out, the DMA has beautiful lawns and sculpture gardens, I remember often going there as a child and running around outside having so much fun, and now I get to share that with my child.

I hope you get a chance check it our and create those precious memories with your children too!



Stay-cation or Day-cation at the Gaylord Texan Resort

Today we day-cationed at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine to check out SummerFest featuring Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! It was the perfect little day get-away! If you have not been to the Gaylord and are in need some family fun time, I suggest you go immediately if not, sooner!

The Dallas temps this August have been excruciating to a point where you truly can’t go outside…like, CPS might come for you if you even look at a park! The Gaylord resort basically brings the outside in enclosing the entire complex with glass. We enjoyed trees, beautiful caves, rivers, waterfalls, koi ponds, birds and more all in a cool 74 degree, bug and allergy-free environment. What a breath of fresh air it was!

We ate brunch on the Riverwalk Café…..on the patio, and it was so glorious! It feels like we haven’t been able to enjoy a patio in a very long time! We ate an incredible all-you-can eat brunch with bottomless mimosas and bellinis.

Once we stuffed our faces with all the waffles, shrimp and breakfast tacos we could we burned it all off in the atrium where the Alice in Wonderland exhibit was happening. We saw live characters, caricature artists, displays and several interactive ways to play.

The cutest thing I saw was the cup & canvas stop in the Mad Hatter’s tea shop. It was basically Painting with a Twist for kids. Children were all given little easels and aprons then got to choose a canvas or mug to paint in an Alice theme. This is part of their Summerfest program including several activities through September to enjoy. You can find a full schedule and descriptions HERE.

Activities on the summer agenda also include events at the Gaylord’s newest addition Paradise Springs, a fully loaded waterpark! You have to be a hotel guest to use the waterpark but if you are looking for a weekend stay-cation, this will be where you will want to spend most of your time!

The resort is huge so parking can be a bit tricky, they have a valet service at $25 a car… whoa…. no thank you, or self parking very close to the entrance for $15. That is steep for parking, but if you eat at the restaurant you get to park for FREE!!!!

Go check out this indoor oasis and enjoy being outside again, sweat-free!






NorthPark Mall: Spend your time, Not your money

If you didn’t already know about all the cool things NorthPark mall has to offer, here are just a few of the many activities you and your kids can enjoy… all free of charge!

I know it is a pretty stereo-typical “Mom” thing to, do but NorthPark Mall’s layout is perfect for  walking quick laps with your stroller and the views aren’t bad if you’re into window shopping and people watching.

In addition to being a mall walker, you can attend several weekly activities put on by Book Marks, a Dallas public library. Our favorite is the sing-a-long and story time presented every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in the North court.

There are usually 50+ kids ages 1-6, it is lead by a quirky lady who sings to the kids while they throw colorful scarves, play stick instruments and maracas. There is always more than enough for everyone!

A lighter version for the  bitty babies is also available at 12:30 p.m. in the Book Marks store, a great option not only if you have an infant, but also if you happen to be on “Mom Time” and miss the 10:30 session.

Another activity we recently came across and loved was Kid Yoga. This is available every Friday at 10:30 a.m., I would recommend this for the 3-7 age range. I brought some “yogi” friends who were 3 and 5 and they did great!

The instructor lead the kids through a little sun salutation with rhymes and cute sayings for the kids to follow along, surprisingly, all the kids did very well and happily participated. After the final Namaste all the kids were treated to a wonderful children’s story! Yoga and a Story???!!! Jackpot!

Of course, you can’t visit NorthPark with out visiting the ducks and turtles, a mall staple that I used to enjoy when I was little. If you need to take a breather while your kid spends their energy, you don’t want to pass up the pond. It’s indoor, cool and clean…. whew! Crisis averted!

NorthPark is a perfect go-to when you need a little something to get out of the house, kill some time, stay cool and keep your wallet safe. You can find a more extensive detailed list of events HERE.



Story Time at Whole Foods Park Ln


8190 Park Lane . Dallas, TX 75231 . 214.342.4850 

We are now on the home stretch of summer and you have probably exhausted your activities list at this point. It’s hot, you’re bored and you’ve spent a ton of money by now trying to keep your kids entertained. If you are looking for something FREE and different, you should check out story time at Whole Foods Park Lane.

We went last week and were pleasantly surprised to find several families enjoying a story, followed by craft making time while digging in to an impressive snack spread as I sat back and sipped my coffee!


  • Good Crowd- There were many children, however not over crowded, but I believe in the motto “the more the merrier”. There is more opportunity to make friends for your children and connect with other parents in your community.
  •  Something for everyone- The story is always short and sweet, just long enough to keep the wandering minds and voices of children chilled out.  The craft is fun and not over complicated for the more creative ones I the group. And the baby-tots enjoyed snacking and hanging out with other littles.


  • Goodies on point!- I, a food-aholic was most impressed with the bites and drinks which were all complimentary of Whole Foods. The spread included many fruits, berries, cheese, crackers, yogurt, and juice!


  • Prizes- Everyone is entered for a chace to win a gift basket from Whole Foods! That’s awesome!


  • Many locations- The Park Lane location is near our house, however many Whole Foods have children’s programs. So check it out!